George Michael Checks into Rehab

It has been quite a long time since anyone heard anything from George Michael. Now there is news that shows why the singer has been missing in action. George has reportedly checked himself into rehab after struggling with substance abuse. George did this while in Switzerland.

The singer was almost an iconic symbol in the United States many years ago, but he faded from the American spotlight after a scandal broke that revealed that the singer was gay. He would go on to switch from pop and many lots of house and electronic type of sounds, but this would not help him with his American fan base.

There are a lot of singers who have struggled with substance abuse over the years, as Stephen Murray CCMP Capital will point out. It can be a very damaging thing to a career. El Debarge, for example, struggled with drug abuse and lost his way for decades. He would rise with his family in the 80’s and fall victim to substances abuse in the 90’s. El would release more music and go back into the same addiction pattern ago. He got clean, released an album a couple of years ago and checked himself back into a rehab all over again.

D’Angelo also experienced this problem. It took him 14 years to get back from a cocaine and alcohol abuse problem. Fans of George Michael are hoping and praying that the singer is able to recover.

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