George Soros Reveals The Importance Of Germany To The Survival Of The EU

The European Union is facing the biggest crisis of its entire existence, according to the billionaire financial expert George Soros. In an interview detailed by FX Street the respected philanthropist details the four major problems that are placing the future of the European Union at risk. The Holocaust survivor explains the issues facing Europe can only be handled with German Chancellor Angela Merkel remaining the dominant force in European politics she has become over recent years. George Soros explains the German leader has become an important leader in Europe who will remain the key to the European Union remaining as strong as it has become in the 21st century.

George Soros has become an important figure in world finance after the Hungarian born expert moved to London to be educated after World War II; a move to the U.S. after graduating from the London School of Economics led to the creation of a financial empire under the control of George Soros. George Soros has not always been a strong supporter of the leadership of Angela Merkel, but now states her leadership during the recent migrant crisis has forced a change in his position. Soros believes Merkel is correct in her claim that the Syrian migrant crisis could cause the collapse of the European Union.

The migrant crisis is not the only problem facing the European Union, which George Soros has detailed in his recent interviews. George Soros believes the crisis facing the European Union in recent months has been worsened by the financial crisis in Greece. The issue of how to handle the Greek problem was one of the reasons why George Soros has been critical of the role played in the crisis by Germany. To continue the European Union in its current from the mistakes made over Greece must not be repeated when countries like the Ukraine have financial problems.

George Soros believes the European Union is destined to collapse in the near future if the strongest countries of the continent do not remain members. The first major test of the strength of the European Union will come when the planned British referendum takes place; the political climate following the recent migration crisis has seen many changes taking place in the British political classes. Soros believes the fact the U.K. has not joined the Eurozone means the country enjoys many of the benefits of EU membership without being burdened with many of the economic problems. The different approach taken by Prime Minister David Cameron to the problems of the European Union set the country apart from mainland Europe, which George Soros believes is a good reason for the U.K. to back a strong European community.

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