Gino Pozzo

Gino Pozzo is the owner of the Watford Football Club and he is known for taking lower-division football clubs into the top flight leagues in each of their home countries. He is one of the most talked-about people in European sports. Gino’s parents were football enthusiasts and in 1986 his father purchased the Udinese sports club in their hometown in Italy. Football became the family’s passion after Gino’s father purchased the sports club and in 2008, the family sold their woodworking business to focus more on the football clubs. In 1993, Gino took over his father’s football club and at the age of 18, Gino moved to the United States. He went to Harvard University and graduated with a Masters degree. Gino has always had a place in the family business and in 2009 he led the family assets of the Granada F.C. The Granada F.C. was 12 million in debt at the time but within two years Gino helped Granada to rise from Segunda B to Primera Liga for the first time in 35 years. In 2012, Gino and his family took over the Watford Club and Gino moved close to it so that he would be able to be involved in operations every day. Ginos is considered “the best owner in the world” and was #4 on Talksport’s 2019 rankings of CEO football owners.

Running a football club is not easy, you do not know what can happen in a year or two.

Gino’s passion for football clubs is what led to his success. He was determined and was present at the training grounds every day to ensure that everything was going right and if there was a problem, he would immediately fix it. He continues to work at Watford’s training grounds, improves Stadiums, recruits signings and invests in the Hornets.

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