Girl gives her Imagine Dragon tickets to individuals affected by cancer.

A Florida teenager previously won a concert that provided her with tickets to every concert that the Imagine Dragon’s will play on their current tour. Unfortunately the 13-year-old concert winner is too young to travel the globe in order to get see every show, so she had to think of something to do with her tickets.

Lindsea Taylor was thrilled to win the concert but did not want her tickets to go to waste. She decided to give the tickets away to cancer patients that were Imagine Dragons fans. The young winner recently lost a family member to cancer and felt that such a gesture would bring happiness to those that were fighting the disease.

Shaygan Kheradpir reports here, Taylor has helped 87 people affected by cancer to enjoy one of her favorite’s bands. The parents of the young girl feel that the gesture is a good idea.

To help her find cancer patients to give the Imagine Dragons tickets to, Taylor reached out to such establishments as Norwell Visiting Nurse Association (NVNA) Foundation or the Cancer Support Community MA South Shore. With the help of these foundations, Taylor was able to find the perfect fan to give her Boston Show tickets to. Kim Santagata is a26-year-old patient that finished her cancer treatments a few months back. Santagata was thankful for her tickets and thought that it was sweet of Taylor to share her tickets with her.


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