Goettl Air Conditioning Merges To Better Serve The Community

Goettl Air Conditioning is officially merging with two other companies in the Las Vegas area. The two companies are Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air. With this merger they will be able to better serve the area and offer more services. They also have extensive experience working in extremely harsh weather conditions, making this an ideal match. Goettl has also acquired many other air conditioning businesses in the area, with their plan to expand the company as much as possible.

With this merger Goettl is gaining 20 more employees, 15 more trucks, and expanding their services that include plumbing. Las Vegas Air owner Stephen Gamst said that he has worked with the CEO of Goettl for years and trusts the company. He believes that the merger will only profit the community and help their employees.

Kenneth Goodrich is the CEO of Goettl Air Conditioning and has a passion for helping those in need. He created the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Endowment. It donates air conditioning and heating units to schools that have been vandalized and robbed. The company also gives scholarships to students and veterans who want to attend HVAC classes. Kenneth was in the news recently for donating $1,000 worth of tools to the College of Southern Nevada. All this charity helps build up the community and make it a better place to live.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business for quite some time now. They started in 1936 in Phoenix, Arizona by three brothers called Adam, Bill, and John. Their innovative technology and spirit got them international recognition.

In the current day their grandchildren Ted and Adam run the business with a little help from their CEO Kenneth Goodrich. They have expanding the business in the southwestern region of the United States and are still growing.


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