Goettl Gives Air to Family in Need

Goettl Air Conditioning has once again shown their dedication to the community and the good relationship they have with those around them. During the difficult holiday season, Goettl gave Abana Stephenson and her family a large gift. For almost ten years, the family had been living without a functioning heating or air unit and toilet. They had adapted to the situation, moving to different floors in certain seasons.

Manager Stephen Gamst learned of the family’s need and came to their aid. He and the local organization Triple5teen helped them receive a functioning unit and toilet plus other gifts. All work was done free of charge. Stephenson expressed her thanks and said how this act of kindness helped her to feel good again.

The electricity bill, before the unit, was close to $600 dollars. The unit will help to cut it in half. Goettl has started to use was is called “zone controlled heating.” Each room is warmed or cooled based on its needs. Heating rooms individually will help to save money, since not all rooms are being used. Often users find one room may be too warm while the other is not warm enough. This new technology will help to resolve that issue.

Less energy means less wasted fuel. Goettl wants to start utilizing this technology to help the environment. The company continues to exhibit ways in which they help their community. Through charitable giving, scholarships, and technological, they show their dedication to the community and the world at large.

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