Graham Edwards: Pushing Boundaries for Telereal Trillium

The board of directors at Telereal Trillium Ltd. has been selecting only the best people to lead the company. Through the years, the company has been known as one of the leading asset and investment management firms in the United Kingdom ( They have been focusing lately on managing commercial assets because of the greater revenue that it produces. Many people who have experienced the services offered by Telereal Trillium Ltd. have been recommending it to everyone who is looking for the best company which would manage their assets. Today, the company is actively operating in the United Kingdom with their headquarters built in London. Graham Edwards was also named as the newest CEO of the company after they have undergone a restructuring procedure.

Established in 1997 as Trillium, the company started to undergo several merger contracts and acquisitions. Many companies and corporations have placed them under control, but their autonomy as a company remained, and they kept on breaking their previous records, much to the delight of their mother companies. Trillium would also undergo a rebranding as Land Securities Inc acquired it. The company changed its name to Telereal Trillium Ltd., and they are still using the name today. Many individuals have also been given a chance to serve the company, and they managed to showcase their talent in management after the board of directors has chosen them at Telereal Trillium Ltd. Graham Edwards is different, as his excellent background is the key for him to be hired. The board of directors was impressed with his accomplishments, and knowing that he will lead the company to the better future, they chose him to become the next CEO.

The board of directors made the best choice, as Telereal Trillium Ltd. started to grow tremendously under the term of Graham Edwards Telereal. Edwards was also responsible for bringing in additional contracts and projects for the company, which has brought them billions of pounds in revenues. Today, Telereal Trillium Ltd. keeps on becoming one of the most competitive companies in the United Kingdom, thanks to their leader who only wanted success for the company.



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