Helane Morrison & the Ultimate CCO During these Changing Times

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Helane Morrison is known for being the CCO, Managing Director, and General Counsel at Hall Capital Partners LLC. She has been doing this since 2007. She is a lawyer, businesswoman, and former regional director of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. She has been a businesswoman and in law since 1984. Her education consists of earning a bachelors of science degree in journalism from Northwestern University, and a Juris of Doctorate degree in 1984 from the UC Berkeley School of Law. And in 1987, she was accepted by the State Bar of California.

More Highlights of her Career

In 1984, Morrison became a law clerk for Richard A. Posner, Seventh Circuit United States Court of Appeals. In 1985, she was the law clerk for Harry Blackmum of the US Supreme Court. And in 1986, she became employed with at a San Francisco’ law office called the Law Firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She became a partner with this firm in 1991, and she stayed with them until 1996. And during that same time, she joined the SEC, and served as the head of regional enforcement activities for San Francisco Office. In 1999, Morrison was promoted in this office as the head of office with the title of district administrator, and later on she was promoted to regional director. For more information on Helane Morrison, click here.

Federal Agencies Applying Heat Under Compliance Officers Feet

As of late, and according to a recent survey of DLA Piper, 81 percent of compliance officers are more apprehensive due to their personal liability in corporate misconduct situations, since federal agencies are turning up the heat in enforcement and investigative activities.

Some of the most important findings, thus far, include CCOs being under scrutiny due to the questionable sayings about priorities coming from Washington. This includes Hui Chen, compliance counsel of the Justice Department, and the release of the Yates Memo outlining a plan to incentivize reforms and prosecute sum corporate employees. A great majority of survey respondents predicted of more scrutiny of Chen. Additionally, 77 percent of them think that Chen will increase in going after CCOs, and 99 percent of them think she would increase the overall scrutiny of compliance programs.

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