Honey Birdette Expands Across the U.K.

There is big news in the works for Australia’s hottest lingerie retail company Honey Birdette. The brand has announced that they will be expanding its presence in the United Kingdom by opening forty new retail outlets before 2018 comes to a close. On top of this amazing news there is a new ecommerce site available in the United States is open and ready for shoppers. When the Honey Birdette website had a huge increase in customers from the U.S. the company took action to create a better customer experience. The U.S. only site includes free shipping rates for orders over fifty dollar and easier shipping and returns.

Honey Birdette was founded in 2006 by friends Eloise Monaghan and Janelle Barboza as the two women sought to fill a niche in the Australian market. BB Capital later became an investor in the company. The retailer has grown quickly as patrons seek their high-end products. The company currently has fifty-five stores in Australia. Honey Birdette specializes in beautifully crafted lingerie and adult products for the boudoir. Each store is beautifully designed with a focus on making their customers feel special.

Honey Birdette is professionally staffed by engaging sales staff known as “Our Honeys”. Known for their playful and theatrical sales style the Honeys entertain, guide and educate customers. Honey Birdette will give every guest a trademarked and unforgettable experience when they come for a visit to the store. The U.K. can look for ten new stores to open soon including outlets in Liverpool, Newcastle and Leeds. Honey Birdette projects over forty new stores to open across the country and are seeking new outlet opportunities throughout Europe.

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