Honey Birdette Makes Huge International Announcement

Honey Birdette is the number one lingerie retail company in Australia. The company’s seen international success since BB Capital invested in the brand. Currently, there are 50 Honey Birdette retail stores in Australia. The ownership has announced its plans for international expansion into Europe and the United States.
There are already a handful of Honey Birdette retail stores in the United Kingdom, but the company plans on adding more. By the end of next year, Honey Birdette wants to add 40 more stores to its U.K. presence. Afterward, it plans of focusing on the rest of Europe.
Additionally, Honey Birdette’s e-commerce site has seen tremendous sales in the United States. After seeing the 374 percent increase in U.S. sales, Honey Birdette launched a U.S. e-commerce site. The U.S. site is more American friendly, focusing on improving customer experience. Now, U.S. shoppers receive free shipping on orders more than $50 and shipping and return procedures have been made easier.
Recently, Honey Birdette products have gotten American publication attention. Many blogs and magazines featured articles and campaign pictures detailing Honey Birdette’s efforts to welcome American shoppers. The company has also just launched its New York Collection, which it announced with a New York photo shoot.
Founded by friends Eloise Monaghan and Janelle Barboza, Honey Birdette is bringing back sensuality. The brand specializes in crafting beautifully designed lingerie and adult products for the bedroom. The company culture of Honey Birdette revolves around playful sensuality.
Every facet of the brand is carefully crafted. Even the boutiques themselves are luxuriously decorated with lush elegance. Each store is designed to make every customer feel special. Honey Birdette inspires flirty playfulness from the moment patrons walk through the front door. It’s what makes their stores so unforgettable.

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