How Chris Burch Found A Home In France

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who desired a home in Paris. Burch is considered spontaneous, and it would lead to him finding what he was looking for while visiting a few friends. He would find a 10,000 square-foot home. It was called 1608 hotel particulier, and it would need some work. Burch saw the potential, and thought the home was wonderful. He used the French designer, Michel Pinet and landscape designer, Tania Compton to redesign the home. Burch’s friend, Marco Scarani lent his expertise to help with the redesign of the home. The home would take on a look that was accurate for centuries ago. Pinet was able to use four doors that dated back to the 1600s. Pinet was able to use curtains that were from the 19th century in the breakfast room. The curtains had a pattern called Madeleine Castaing climbing vine.

Pinet was responsible for making nine bathrooms take on the look as it did a long time ago while using modern plumbing in each bathroom. Burch had the desire to make the home look cozy. Burch had three sons and three daughters. His three daughters would use the home for a gathering place. On the outside, Compton would add orchards to the landscape. Compton designed the gardens, and made use of French topiaries that led to a wild meadow. Compton ensured there was chickens along with a vegetable patch. Burch wanted his home to look like it did a long time ago, and the designers were able to accomplish it.

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