How Equities First Holdings become globally respected as a lending firm

17 years after its foundation, Equities First Holdings became the leading investing and lending service in the world. With more than 900 transactions executed, many companies have benefitted from their flexible plans.

Once their new system was presented to the market, many clients managed to grow their businesses because of their financial model.

Christy Jr., CEO of the company, is now aiming for 2000 transactions with the same objective: to provide more entrepreneurs investment plans adjusted to their needs.

The structure of the model is made in such a strategic way it gives more benefits for the companies than traditional institutions. For instance, Equities First Holdings can offer non-purpose loans with flexible deadlines.

Many executives were also interested because of their low-interest rates. Indeed, the firm has created solid track records of success since 2002. Today, the team serves millions of customers in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

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