How Jeffry Schneider Implements His Wellness Plan

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Having a wellness plan in your life primarily as an employee or employer is one of the most important things. A wellness program always helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle and makes you focus on accomplishing your goals. Jeffry Schneider believes in a wellness plan for high productivity in his daily commitments. He thinks that for people to be consistent in a wellness program, it must be flexible, enjoyable and sustainable. According to him, a better wellness program is choosing a plan that works well for you. Some of the benefits of having the best wellness program include the following:


  1. Results in improved productivity

Some employees always go to the office as a routine and not to work. Low productivity is achieved through poor eating habits, being tired or being distracted in different ways. Employees can improve their productivity by eating well and exercising a lot. Wellness activities make you energized, motivated and focused.


  1. Brings happiness

Working without engaging in any wellness activity makes you feel unsatisfied with the type of job you do. Employees are always advised to take part in wellness activities of the company that will make them happy and satisfied with the kind of work they perform.


  1. Employees incur less health care costs

People who engage in wellness activities always lead a healthy lifestyle. In most cases, they are not sick or do not get injured as a result of them being fit. By engaging in wellness activities, less health costs are incurred regarding buying drugs, having frequent visits to the doctor or checkups. Ensure you participate in wellness activities to live a healthy life.


  1. Improves behavior habits

This is the most critical thing a wellness program is always designed to do. Most people who get involved in wellness programs begin to have improved behaviors which result in fewer health risks. By engaging in a good wellness program, people need to check on their diet, drinking, smoking, stress and other negative behaviors.


  1. Improves and sustains employee morale

Working consistently without taking a break in most cases becomes boring, draining and repetitive. This leads to employees having low morale in their workplace and tends to reduce productivity. It is, therefore, important to always take a break from work and engage in wellness activities that interest you like most. By doing so, you’re boosting your working morale, which as a result makes you more productive and ready to accomplish many tasks in the office.


  1. Contributes to weight loss

Most people have bad eating habits and continue performing their daily activities without involving themselves in any wellness activities. Bad eating habits always make people gain a lot of weight which later results in several health complications. For you to lose some weight, it’s vital that you join wellness activities provided by your company. These events will train you how to involve yourself in good eating habits without straining.


  1. Physical fitness

Being physically fit is the most important thing because you will not have to visit your doctor now and then. For you to be physically fit, it’s important always to create some time for the gym or yoga classes. Most people tend to assume they need to be fit until it dawns on them they have certain complications.

Jeffry Schneider has experienced the above benefits through his wellness plan. He is always ready for his commitments thus he has to hit the gym first before engaging in other daily activities. Jeffry also loves reading The Blue Zones Solution book which has helped him to choose a better diet for himself. Other things that have helped Jeffry lead a better lifestyle are waking up early in the morning, believing in the present, and eating healthy foods from the farms together with family and friends. It is, therefore, essential to have a wellness plan for you to lead a better lifestyle both health-wise and in the office.


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