How Jingdong is Improving Customer Service

Customer service is at the peak of how any organization stays great. Jingdong is no exception, in that they strive to be exceptional in customer service. Recently, China Unicom recognized the need for a better way to stay on top of serving their customers.

This company, native to the province of Sichuan, chose to reach out to to strike up a partnership. They have now decided to integrate artificial intelligence into all that they do. This way, they can now enhance the customer experience from start to finish.

China Unicom has been looking for a better solution for their voice-based customer service. The goal is to present a voice that represents a natural human voice. This change will mean that the customers will be directed to the right representative according to the need they have stated.

Jingdong has also made it possible for their clients to use AI for the purpose of working with customer service chat. Those questions that come in by text will get a proper response via the AI platform. The overall goal with the use of AI is to enhance the customer experience by making the responses as human as possible.

Outside of the ability to be responsive to the customer, the goal of AI is also to help the business predict the buyer’s decision. It has been said that the lowest customer acquisition cost can be determined by using AI.

Reducing the bottleneck between the company and the customer is the ideal way to serve the customer. Jingdong uses a robot for the purpose of implementing their AI technology, and it’s important to note that more companies desire to integrate this technology to improve their connection with each other as well as with their customers.

Overall, the goal is to improve revenue, and ultimately that means making a real-time connection with the customer. The service chatbot developed by Jingdong has quickly become one of the most coveted tools by businesses to win over customers.

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