How Wikipedia Helps You Increase Your Sales

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia which has millions of articles written by thousands of Wikipedia editors who have volunteered to build the site and to maintain it. Millions of people across the world visit one of about 300 Wikipedia’s language versions. However, most of these language editions are either small or incomplete. It is against this backdrop that computer scientists have carried out an experiment and as a result have tripled the creation of articles by advising the editors about the missing links.

Most of Wikipedia visitors search for articles written in English or any other widely spoken language. More than half of the population of the world is reported to be monolingual. This means that there exist knowledge gaps to one language edition to another. This is why computer scientists at Stanford in collaboration with the Wikipedia Foundation have come up with a recommendation tool that serves the purpose of identifying very important Wikipedia business page creation which are not available in a particular language. In case the editors are not multilingual, the tool redirects them to a second familiar language to help them translate the article to the missing language.

Wikipedia is one of the useful marketing tools, if used in the right way. It is a free and open source encyclopedia meaning that it is accessible by many people. If your business has a Wikipedia page, you are guaranteed of high number of visitors. This is because Wikipedia pages are usually among the top five results in Google search results.

There are many benefits of having a Wikipedia page for your business. The site allows you to create, edit a Wikipedia page that you would like to pass to your customers. Having a Wikipedia page adds to the prestige and credibility of your business. The increased traffic to your business ultimately translates to increased sales and revenue.

Learning how to make a Wikipedia page is not an easy job especially if you are not an experienced Wikipedia writer. This is because there are many requirements before your page is approved and is available for Wikipedia users. It is therefore inevitable that you need to hire Wiki writers such as Get Your Wiki’s experts from the site Get Your Wiki. The veteran writers from Get Your Wiki make sure that the articles in your page are supported by reliable sources, written following Wikipedia manual and are properly formatted. 

Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia writing company that also includes a monitoring service that monitors the edits done on your page. This is because Wikipedia is an open-source community which can be edited by anyone. Some of the Wikipedia edits are not done in good faith and can lower your business reputation.

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