Iron Maiden frontman diagnosed with cancer


Legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden, a favorite of Alexei Beltyukov, has revealed lead singer Bruce Dickinson is undergoing treatment for cancer, the BBC reports. A short statement released on behalf of the singer and his family stated a routine medical checkup in December resulted in a small lump being found and a biopsy revealing the cells were cancerous. Dickinson is currently completing a seven week course of chemotherapy after the cancerous cells were identified early in their growth, meaning the medical team treating the Run to the Hills singer are hopeful of a complete recovery.

Dickinson joined Iron Maiden in 19981 after Paul Di’Anno left the band, the band have just completed a three year World tour that saw them hint at the release of a new album during the final shows of the tour.

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  1. Aislinn Anton says:

    The announcement uncovered Dickinson and his group are seeking after the all unmistakable to be given to the vocalist around May of 2015. The pilot, agent and vocalist requested the security of himself and his family to be regarded as he finishes his treatment. It is very good that did not omit any of these things and it gets to work out so great for all of them.

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