Is “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” A Book Worth Reading?

Sean Penn recently released his new book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” and announced it in a Late Night interview with Stephen Colbert. The book has gotten mixed reviews so far, just as Sean Penn predicted. Sean Penn’s book is a somewhat self expression of his world views. As far as the interview goes, it was more than entertaining to watch. The actor lit up not one, but two cigarettes that seemed to be American Spirits.


During his first interview with Stephen Colbert, Sean Penn said that the original author of the book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” was a man that he met at a party in 1979 named “Pappy Pariah“. He went on to tell the story on how they met while at a party and how he confused the man sitting on a bar stool for a horrendous piece of art. The art piece turned out to be an actual person that had a hard time getting his point across to Sean. Decades later, Sean Penn’s mother received a package in the mail from the so called “Pappy Pariah”. Sean remembered the name and asked his mother to send it to him instead of throwing it out. When he received the package, he realized it was the manuscript for the future book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. The author communicated to Sean that he wanted it to be published before the elections. The fastest way to fulfill his wish was to make it into an audio book first, so that’s what they did before the paper back copy was released…. or so we thought.

Sean Penn had a second interview with the Late Show host Stephen Colbert to discuss the release of the paperback copy. This time, many things were clarified, beginning with the fact that the original author was Sean Penn himself and not the “Pappy Pariah” character. Sean Penn tell Stephen that lying is a trait of the character in the book, which is largely modeled after him. The similarities are uncanny. The fictional character, “Bob Honey” get to meet a big time drug lord that likes to build tunnels. This reflected the time when Sean Penn got to meet the Mexican drug lord, “El Chapo”.

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