James Dondero Taking Highland Capital Management Global

One of the most respected companies in the financial world of the United States is Highland Capital Management. The company was co-founded by James Dondero in the year 1993 and is today a firm that manages close to $20 billion. It is one of the most successful financial services corporations in the United States today and is SEC-registered. The company also has one of the most diverse ranges of financial products and services on offer, mainly specializing in credit strategies. Highland Capital Management is known for providing an expert financial advisor to many different companies. It provides collateralized loan obligations, institutional services, retirement planning products and services, annuities, and more. Such comprehensive range of products and services from one company is what makes Highland Capital Management so lucrative in the financial market today.

James Dondero has been associated with the financial industry for over three decades. It is his experience that he brings to the fore when devising business strategies for Highland Capital Management. The company has grown substantially over the years and continues to proliferate under the leadership of James Dondero. The company also has a huge list of international clientele and has offices in Seoul and Singapore as well. With offices spread across the globe, the company is expected to penetrate deep into the global financial markets soon. James Dondero aims to make Highland Capital Management a global player in the financial market. He also plays an active role in devising new financial products and is the President of the Institutional Products at Highland Capital Management.

James Dondero has served many different firms during his career span, including the famous JP Morgan and American Express. Working with some of the top financial executives at the best financial companies helped him gain the experience and expertise necessary to start his firm. It is how the Highland Capital Management started off. Today, it is one of the premier financial institutions globally and is growing substantially under the supervision of James Dondero. He aims to make it a preferred financial services provider the world over, and at the pace at which it is growing, the day is near when his vision would turn into a reality.

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