James Dondero Work in Dallas

Dallas is one of the leading areas of economic growth in the United States. Over the years, the city has grown rapidly as people move to the area. Many people who live in Dallas are looking for a place to get financial advice.

Highland Capital Management is a financial planning firm that has worked in the Dallas area for many years. James Dondero is the leader of the company, and he is passionate about providing value to clients in any way that he can. He is excited about all of the work that he is doing in the area. This is a company that has proven to have the best interests of customers in mind.

Early Life

James Dondero has always had a passion for personal finance. When he was in college, he majored in finance and business. When he got his first job, he did not love working for a large company. Although he enjoyed the work, he was not able to work directly with people like he would like.

James Dondero decided to start Highland Capital Management many years ago. He wanted to make sure that his financial planning firm was different from others in the area. Instead of concentrating on selling investment products, he wanted to provide great customer service to clients who needed it.


James Dondero is excited about the growth of Highland Capital Management. The company is always working to improve itself, and James Dondero invests money from the company into the local community. He strongly believes that a strong city makes for a better place to live. In the coming years, James Dondero has a lot of growth plans for his business. Not only is he investing in a new website, but he wants to offer an additional location as well.

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