JD.Com Outpaces Competitors under Richard Liu’s Leadership

Richard Liu is a businessman who has made a mark in the global business space. He founded the largest retailer in China, JD.com, in 2004. This company is also one of the best-performing in the world with a market value of over $60 billion.

Richard Liu has shown his prowess in business for the last two decades by building JD.com from scratch, and now it is sitting above many companies started earlier. One of the things that make JD.com stand out among the rest is the ability to remain in control of the entire supply chain. The company sources its products from the sellers and sells to the customer while still in charge of the whole process. JD.com has an established logistics system that allows customers from all parts of China and abroad to purchase from the site.

JD.com guarantees its customers the authenticity of the items, an aspect that has earned them trust from the shoppers. The reliability of the process offered by JD.com is one of the reasons why online business i doing very well in the country. Before the company came into the picture, many Chinese companies had a bad reputation for selling fake products.

JD.com is today traded on NASDAQ and is a Global Fortune 500 firm.

JD is now making major innovations that raise the prospects of it becoming the largest company in the world. It is partnering with global leading fashion companies to help shoppers to access a wide range of fashion products under one roof. Fashion is one of the lucrative industries that are expected to perform even better in the coming days, and JD.com has positioned itself to benefit maximally from such developments.

About Richard Liu

Richard Liu is studied at the People’s University of China and graduated with a degree in sociology.

Learn More: re.jd.com/richard-liu-jd-ceo-about

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