Jeremy Goldstein: Following His Own Path

One of the greatest corporate lawyers of today is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein established his own law firm after realizing that the field lacked innovative minds. At the time, most attorneys were barely applying themselves, in Goldstein’s opinion. They all used the same boring, stale approach to everything.

Jeremy Goldstein has never been one for choosing the basic option. While many lawyers go from university to law school, Goldstein earned several degrees before going for his law degree. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University and a Master of Arts from the University of Chicago. Then, he earned his Juris Doctor from New York University.

Once he joined the legal field, he used his own methods of satisfying clients. Using an informal approach, he formed long-lasting relationships with clients that relied on more than legal advice in exchange for payment. By meeting with and talking to clients in and outside the office, Goldstein quickly became the go-to guy.

Over the years, Jeremy Goldstein’s found great success in advising clients on matters of executive compensation, corporate governance, and helping their companies through sensitive matters. Many times, those matters involved acquisitions and company mergers. Goldstein’s worked on some of the largest acquisitions and mergers in the nation.

He’s the considered the top attorney on these matters because he provided close legal advice during the AT&T Corporation buyout, the Sears and Kmart buyout, and the J.P. Morgan Chase and Company buyout. His firm’s client list includes some of the largest corporations and high-profile CEOs in the world.

Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates has come a long way since first opening its doors. His first client came to him by referral from a referral network. After that client, attracting new clients was about maintaining a positive public image. It’s easy for law firms to lose sight of that when certain companies and CEOs are willing to pay whatever to be represented.

While Jeremy Goldstein’s professional life seems perfect, some opportunities present more of a challenge. Recently, he had to choose between giving a lecture and taking on a case; both aligned perfectly with his passions. Though that might not sound too horrible, for Jeremy Goldstein, it was like a nightmare turned reality.

If it wasn’t obvious already, Jeremy Goldstein found success by doing his own thing. His perspective on life, especially business, law, and professionalism allowed him to find the success that triumphed any doubts he may have faced early in his career.


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