Jeremy Goldstein the Multifaceted Business Professional

Just who is Jeremy Goldstein? Well, for the answer to that question, let’s start at the beginning. Mr. Goldstein started off his career with an esteemed educational background.


* He graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

* Mr. Goldstein succeeded in acquiring a Master of Arts degree from the University of Chicago.

* He also went on to secure a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree at New York University.


After procuring his degrees, Mr. Goldstein did not rest on his laurels. He was launched into his professional career by taking advantage of a referral program from a legal professional network. This modest beginning bloomed into a full fledge career loaded with Professional Achievements.


* He is a successful Corporate Attorney and excels in the area of Acquisitions and Company Mergers.

* Mr. Goldstein was appointed as Chairmen to the Merger and Acquisitions subcommittee within the American Bar Association.

* He is a partner in Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. A Law Firm he founded.

* He has functioned as legal consultant for such well-known companies as AT&T Corporation, South African Breweries PLC, Sears and Kmart, Alltel and even J.P. Morgan Chase and Company.

* He provided guidance and oversight to CEO’s in negotiating Mergers and Buyouts.

* Here is a short list of a few of the well-known Mergers and Buyouts that Mr. Goldsten has been managed: Goodrich bought out by United Technologies; The Rohm and Haas Company and Haas Company bought out by The Dow Chemical Company; Kinder Morgan, Inc. and TPG/ALLTEL Corporation bought out by Goldman Sachs; ALLTEL Corporation bought out by Verizon Wireless; Unocal Corporation bought out by the Chevron Texaco Corporation.


Mr. Goldstein has taken a unique approach to building his multifaceted business. He believes in humility. This attitude of humility has allowed him to take advantage of a referral program early in his career, which helped to launch him forward and has lead to a host of other business opportunities. Mr. Goldstein doesn’t measure success with dollar signs. He takes the stance that success equals wisdom. Wisdom enables one to create a plan and stuck to it for the long haul. Even though, Mr. Goldstein has reached an enviable He believes in being a friend to his clients. As a Friend, he earns client’s trust and friendship, and as a lawyer, Mr. Goldstein, guards their assets as his own. He also believes in not putting all his eggs in one basket. He has ventured out into a variety of undertakings which has greatly added to his knowledge, experience and expertise in his field. Even though, Mr. Goldstein has reached an enviable level of success, his strategic approach to business matters has only enhanced his opportunities.


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