John Textor’s Michael Jackson

John Textor, being a veteran of the entertainment industry has worked on many projects and has provided plenty of great visual effects for people to enjoy on the big screen. He has founded his company, Pulse Evolution which takes visual effects to the next level. He has progressed the industry towards recreating actual celebrities. He has progressed to creating holograms of late celebrities like Tupac and Michael Jackson. This has definitely presented audiences with a new type of entertainment as they get to see entertainers that they have grown up with, but has passed on. They not only bring out the entertainers, but the different eras of the entertainer.

For instance, a recent show has featured a hologram of Michael Jackson as he was in 1991. This has brought a lot of cheers from crowds. This has also brought forth a new type of tour called the Late Legends tour. Many promoters are contacting John Textor and his company in order to bring out more tours with other late legends. There is clearly a new industry for the great legends of previous eras. Many people wan to know what it was like going to one of their performances, or get to relive their experiences.

Among the people that are being considered for the “resurrection” are Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, and Frank Sinatra. However, they are looking for a stage presence that is based on some kind of a story. They do not intend to have Elvis Presley just singing songs while sitting on a stool. There has to be some kind of creativity present for it to work for the audience. Even if they see their favorite legends, they will walk away if it is a lazy attempt. They want to know that the presenters love and respect the artist as much as they themselves do.

This whole idea for holographic legends tour came forth when they presented Snoop Dogg alongside a holographic Tupac. There are people that go to shows in order to see a celebrity live, but at the same time, it is the experience of sharing music with others that brings the show to life for fans. In the end, it is just about the music and performance for some people. However, nothing is ever going to match the experience of seeing a live artist perform on stage and even have the chance to meet the artist in person.

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