Joseph Bismark: The Man of Mind and Body

Released through Reuters was an article titled, “Joseph Bismark Featured in Latest asPire Magazine Issue”. In this article Bismark shared many regimes that keep him in shape, feeling well and being well all together. He shared a variety of apps he uses on his phone, Luminosity for example, of which aid his mind to be as sharp and enduring as his body. He also expressed his authenticity explaining that he “walks his talk” by working out, practicing yoga exercises, cycling and swimming. Not only does Bismark practice yoga but also instructs it to others at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. Bismark also announced another app he uses when cycling named MapMyRide that includes a training log that records duration, distance, speed and calories burned. Just when you thought that was enough physical endurance for one practice, he shares how he also has a keen interest in martial arts. Bismark says, “I am a staunch advocate of holistic health and wellness.” He definitely proves this statement by how open he is to sharing his regime for sustaining such a healthy and well rounded lifestyle.
For those of you that are not aware of who Joseph Bismark, this is a great resource. Bismark is a founding director of the QI Group of which he now holds the position as the managing director. He is known for his amicable choices that regard the well-being of himself and others. Living by the quote, “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things” expresses the positivity he sees in everybody. What he gains by his actions holds the weight behind his words. Previously mentioned, Bismark is a yoga instructor for the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. This position was more than likely obtained through his thirst for knowledge with the will to think. This part of his character ties in well with how firm he is on spiritual growth. These two traits attribute for his interests as a Vedic philosopher. Bismark can carry the title of a true renaissance man. He is caring enough to want to learn and witty enough to put it all into practice. This is a man we can all learn from in a variety of ways.

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