Lime Crime Debuts Adorable Pocket Candy Palettes For Eyes And Cheeks

Can you say “super cute” and full of “incredible pigment?”

That best describes Lime Crime’s newest addition to their popular makeup lineup. It’s called “Pocket Candy Palettes,” and if you remember the Polly Pocket toys from the 1990s, then you will feel the sentimentality. Check them out here at Pop Sugar. According to the publication, the palettes debut around September 19th, and they arrive just in time for your autumn makeup trends.

CEO and founder Doe Deere is thrilled to be launching these special Polly-inspired compacts that come in bold, beautiful colors like her signature Lime Crime cosmetics brand. Search for them in bright blue (Bubblegum), yellow (Pink Lemonade) or fuchsia (Sugar Plum); you can’t miss these candy palettes.

The pocket compacts come with a great mirror inside and contain rich pigments for eyes and cheeks, and each one opens up to five, full-size shadows. Each palette sells for $34. You can also purchase the must-have trio in a bundle and save dollars at $80.

These press-shadowed palettes are ideal for adding a pop of vibrancy and warmth to the cheekbones and eye area. Like all Lime Crime makeup, they glide on smoothly and stay put until you take them off.

The Pocket Candy Palettes have shades that coordinate perfectly with the glam look you’re trying to create. Each sexy shade works nicely alone or effectively as a group, and they’ve been infused with a silky buttery texture. There’s nothing worse than eyeshadows that don’t smooth onto the lid or those that offer uneven pigment.

Lime Crime is quality cosmetics with amazing colors and modern trendy appeal. These cutie-pie candy palettes are easy to travel with. Just pop one into your back pocket and go. The compacts are well-made in a strong protective plastic that is durable if one should fall to the floor.

Lime Crime makeup is found primarily on e-commerce at Lime Crime. It can also be purchased at retail stores like Dolls Kill and Urban Outfitters.

For exceptional formulas that enhance the eyes and cheeks, Pocket Candy Palettes deliver all the pretty.

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