Lovaganza’s Film “The Prophecy” Will Star French Actress Marie-Ange Casta


Filmmakers involved in the Lovaganza 2020 project excitedly announced that French model and actress Marie-Ange Casta will appear in the “Lovaganza Caravan Trilogy.” Casta is set to make her big appearance in the second film, called “The Prophecy,” in this highly anticipated trilogy.


Fans were surprised when they saw Casta appear in both pictures and ads for the second film. Casta, of course, looks stunning in all of these pictures, wearing a traditional blue dress with a baby in her hands. Most of these photos were taken in Frigiliana, Spain.


Although American audiences may not be familiar with Casta, she is well known in many Francophone nations. A few films Casta has been a part of recently include Des Vents Contraires, Mineurs 27, and Les Exilés. She was also in many TV series, including Lascars and Le Bœuf Clandestin.


Casta was born in 1990 in the commune Noisy-le-Grand just to the east of Paris. Many people in the Anglophone countries might be more familiar with Casta’s older sister, Laetitia Casta, who is also a famous model and actress.


This second film in the “Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy” will be released sometime in 2019. The first film, which is called “Follow Your Sunshine,” is set to be released in 2018, whereas the final film, “The New World,” will make its debut at the Lovaganza worldwide celebration in 2020.


All three of these films follow a young priest who leaves his ministry to spread a message of peace and love throughout the world. Along the way, this priest gets himself all caught up in the web of a sinister international organization known as the Invisible Hand. It’s up to the priest to discover what the Invisible Hand is all about and, in the end, destroy it for good.


As mentioned above, these three films will be a highlight of the 2020 Lovaganza worldwide fair. Lovaganza is going to show all three films on their brand new Immerscope technology, which is a gigantic wraparound screen capable of showing 3D effects without having to wear 3D glasses.


New design plans for this Lovaganza 2020 festival in Santa Clarita, CA, were also released. The huge red and white striped tents immediately take the viewer back to traditional American county fairs. That’s exactly the feel Lovaganza was hoping to make on the viewer. Lovaganza took its inspiration from the World’s Fairs of the past in its style, films, and investment in new film technologies.


The whole point of this 2020 celebration is to bring back some of that “old world magic” that used to inspire the human community to learn from other cultures and marvel at new technological progress. Films like the “Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy” have the feel of traditional Great Depression era films, but they will be fresh and dynamic with the Immerscope technology. This blending of the nostalgic past with the progressive future is the feeling Lovaganza wants every single one of their guests to feel.


The Lovagnaza 2020 festival will take place all over the world from May to September. Lovaganza’s staff has said they will open at least one fair in Asia, Oceanica, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the USA.


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