Luke Lazarus Provides Clients with The Necessary Skills To Achieve Success

There is no right way to start a business, but there are definitely some factors that will make or break your company. If you don’t take these factors into consideration and act on them, you will not make it for very long. It turns out that the rate of failure is very high among entrepreneurs, especially new ones. In the world of business consultants, Luke Lazarus stands out.

He takes a straightforward and direct approach that really creates results. He does not sugarcoat his message so clients have the opportunity to change their business into long term success. Mr. Lazarus breaks down helping each company into doable steps.

Luke Lazarus considers himself a serial entrepreneur. This term is used when an entrepreneur has started many businesses. They love it so much, they can’t stop. These kinds of entrepreneurs are usually the small percentage of people who succeed in the business world. Mr. Lazarus has been an entrepreneur since he was eight years old.

He was a straight-A student who showed a world of potential. By the time he went to college, Luke was ready to take on the world of entrepreneurship. The startup business consultant attended Melbourne Business School where he earned a executive Master of Business Administration degree at just 24 years old. This is quite an accomplishment at that age.

With a impressive degree in hand, Luke went out into the world and started creating companies left and right. He would hit another level of success most never achieve. He founded not only one, but four companies in his short career. He sold all four of them and made millions in the process. If this is not pretty impressive, he did this by the age of 35 years old. In 2013, the business consultant founded his own firm that would help others succeed in business. It would be called Luke Lazarus Consulting, after the accomplished entrepreneur.

One of the main factors Mr. Lazarus focuses on is creating an emotional connection between the story of the company and the investors and customers. If you can draw in people with your company’s story, then they will be more willing to support your business rather than your competitors. Luke Lazarus found that his clients lacked several crucial things to be successful in business. It did not matter if they were a struggling multi-million dollar business or small startup company.

These clients lacked the knowledge and skill to run their businesses smoothly. They could have the best business idea in the world and talent coming out of their ears, they did not have these essential skills to become successful. Luke helps his clients break down their business from operations, to financial projections, to a solid business plan, these factors make success achievable.

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