McDonald Joined OSI Group Shortly After Completing College In 1987 And He Continues To Be A Force With The Company To This Day

David McDonald is a distinguished American food provisioning industry executive leader who is known for his longtime association with the company OSI Group. A youth that was spent growing up in the Midwestern state of Iowa provided formative experiences for David McDonald. He learned all about the concept of hard work during his upbringing on an Iowa farm. His experience as an Iowa farm kid led to the pursuit of his animal science degree when he later went on the attend college at Iowa State University. He excelled academically and complet3ed his studies by earning his Bachelor’s Degree in 1987. It was shortly after this that David’s services were acquired by the company that he would continue to work for throughout his professional career.

This was Aurora, Illinois’ OSI Group, a globally recognized food processing firm that serves well-known chains such as McDonald’s. When OSI Group officials grabbed up David McDonald in 1987, they saw something in him that they felt would lead to success. He was immediately assigned a product manager role. As a part of this work, he engaged in activities meant to help OSI to expand its business operations in several of its global markets. OSI had been growing steadily since the 1970s and was rapidly establishing itself as one of the world’s major leaders in the food wholesale trade to the restaurant and retail sectors.

David was in the thick of these growth efforts from the very start of his career with the Illinois-based food processing giant. The hard work and dedication that David has put in over the years at OSI have been well rewarded. He was promoted through the company’s ranks and now holds the title of President. He has also gained election to the OSI Board of Directors. He has been instrumental in helping to arrange some of the biggest acquisition and partnership deals that OSI has achieved over the years including many big ones in the last few years. OSI has made big moves in Europe, Australia, and North America in the last few years and David has been right there as a guiding force in these efforts.

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