Neurocore in the Use of Technology to Treat Brain Disorders

The brain is said to be the origin of our various characters, attitude and thoughts. The brain comprises of very many neurons that monitor all the electrical functions in the brain. The neurons bring about the sense of touch, feel and other senses. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are highly devoted on dealing with matters that involve the brain such as Anxiety, depression among others. In an experiment conducted by Mr. Volta and Mr. Galvani, both bioelectric theory electrophysiology were discovered. A test famous as electroencephalogram (EEG) is used to determine and electrical processes in the brain. It is very much useful when it comes to various brain defects treatments. It deals with several diseases such as tumors in the brain, sleep problems, stroke and many others. Mr. Berger was the first to write and publish about EEG. His discovery was a major milestone in both clinical and theoretical neurophysiology. This genius guy is also linked to the discovery of both the Alpha and also Beta waves.

The electroencephalogram action can also be recorded using a computer. This way of recording is known as Quantitative Electroencephalography. It uses various Algorithms and eventually, medical professionals are able to plot a brain map of the patient. This method is currently available in most health facilities due to the advancement in Technology. The term Neurotherapy refers to the process of training the brain to carry out independent regulation through the use of brain waves. It is said that most people have no courage to seek treatment for mental health. The Neurofeedback is a technology currently in use to treat various brain disorders. This technology is very rampant especially in Neurocore Brain Performance Centers.

The Neurocore Brain Performance centers were started in the year 2004. Their technologies for brain disorder treatment involve neurofeedback, EEG and also qEEG. They also use the Heart Rate Variability technique together with neurofeedback as a form of treatment. Neurocore Brain Performance are very famous nationwide for their wide knowledge of neuroscience. They provide their treatment services to Florida and Michigan.

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