New Dating App Speciailizes in the Spectrum

The old adage, “opposites attract,” has long been debunked. Presently, singles everywhere are looking to meet someone who shares their interests to be their lifelong companion. With today’s technology, finding a companion online is no longer taboo, but the norm. Yet even with abundance of dating apps available, many individuals struggle to find someone who shares their interests. This should be a concern to more people if you ask Dr Jennifer Walden her opinion.

In an effort to develop a dating platform for their own community, mother-daughter duo Kristen Fitzpatrick and Olivia Cantu, created a dating site for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.This brand new site,Spectrum Singles , was developed by two women on the spectrum themselves as an way for the Autism community to find companions. This site includes a questionnaire the mother-daughter created called the Spectrum Compatibility Test, which seeks to find common-ground between two people on the Spectrum.

This site recently launched, yet is already providing a needed platform that is sure to be a success.

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