Nicolas Krafft’s Successes at L’Oreal

Nicolas Krafft is no stranger to success. As a thriving business executive, he is focused on product development and the growth of L’Oreal. At the helm of a professional team dedicated to their work, he has fearlessly lead his company through tough economic times into successful global markets. As Vice President of Global Business Development, Nicolas Krafft was at the forefront of the fashion and beauty industry. He launched the industry’s most successful products which include Matrix, Biolage, and Kérasta. Recently, as General Manager of Pulp Riot with the direction of founder and CEO David Thurston, Nicolas Krafft was able to open up a worldwide niche market for its professional hair coloring products.

L’Oreal’s second annual fashion and beauty show in 2018 was a commercial success. Located in the city of Paris, France, the show was open to the public and spread Nicolas Krafft’s and L’Oreal’s mission of allowing their brand, as well as the fashion industry as a whole, to be more accessible to more people. The event also promotes the company’s beauty brands, such as Pulp Riot, Nicolas Krafft’s business venture.

The fashion and beauty show had a 60-meter runway located on the Seine river. People passing by and walking upon the banks of the river were able to see the models through the use of drones and strategically placed screens. The models included celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Elie Fanning, and Louise Bourgeon. Big screen celebrities such as Nicolaj Coster-Waldau or better known as Jaime Lannister on the Game of Thrones, was present at the event.

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