Nina Vaca Keynote Speaker at North Texas Entrepreneurial Event

Founder and CEO of Dallas-based Pinnacle Group Nina Vaca recently kicked off events at the Women of Innovation Summit. The event brings together the leading innovators, entrepreneurs and noted business game-changers of North Texas.

Nina Vaca gave the keynote address at Ross Tower, a location that’s special for her because it was there that Pinnacle Group opened its first professional office. Prior to that, Nina Vaca was running her fledgling business out of her apartment.

Nina Vaca was just 23 when she launched Pinnacle Group with $300 and an unlimited desire to succeed. Since then, she has built Pinnacle Group to be among the world’s premier executive search and staffing agencies. The company now enjoys an international presence. It is among the fastest growing firms in its sector globally.

Nina Vaca has developed a reputation as an entrepreneur who is keen on giving back. To that end, she established the Nina Vaca Foundation. This organization has completed an enormous array of projects that help disadvantaged people.

Nina Vaca has long been a major supporter of young women to want to get involved in business, especially those of Latina heritage. She fosters numerous educational and professional development programs for women. Ms. Vaca is known for espousing toughness and persistence through difficult times as a formula for achieving business and financial success.

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