NuoDB and the Possibilities of SQL Database in Cloud

Since the cloud environment became a reality, one of its biggest drawbacks was no compatible traditional database to address the needs of the cloud. This is where NuoDB Inc., a software service provider, came with a flexible SQL database named NuoDB. The database showcased the characteristics of the traditional database, but it could effectively be integrated into the cloud platform. Due to that reason, the new SQL database became one of the most-wanted databases in the recent years.

NuoDB is considered as a type of elastic SQL database, and it is also called as “NewSQL.” It follows a distributed object architecture, and while adding new servers, it improves the performance of the database. Interestingly, NuoDB has the capability to distribute various tasks among different processors to remove the possibilities of bottlenecks of data. The SQL database also showcases better scaling out without causing any sharding.

The database is ACID compliant, and it executes peer-to-peer messaging to send tasks to nodes. Additionally, the SQL database introduced a tiered approach to its architecture. It includes multiple tiers of transaction engines and storage managers. It is highly useful for having a better predictability of data in the cloud. It should be noted that the latest version of the database – NuoDB 2.6- is even supporting Amazon Web Services zones.

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