Omar Yunes Wins Top Price in the 2015 Edition of BFW

The franchisee of Sushi Itto, Omar Yunes, emerged the winner in the 2015’s edition of the Best Franchise of the World, which took place in the city of Florence, Italy. The coveted price was granted to Yunes in recognition of his contribution to the Sushi Itto franchise.

When accepting the top price, Yunes was happy to reveal how proud he was to have emerged the overall winner. He emphasized that despite him being the representative of the brand, the reality was that the price belonged to the 400 employees working under the 13 units he managed, which constitute 10% of the total units owned by Sushi Itto. He also acknowledged the brand as a contributing factor to his win as it enabled him and his team to innovate.

Representatives from different countries participated in the competition, including France, Mexico, Argentina, Hungary, Portugal and the host country, Italy, among others. Mexico had two representatives, including Omar Yunis of Sushi Itto and Ivan Tamer, franchisee of Prendamex. To decide the winner, various aspects were evaluated based on each franchisee’s effect on their respective networks. They included:
• The franchisees’ contribution to their network in terms of knowledge
• The amount of influence they had on his network
• Amount of savings they had executed
• What strategies they used to motivate employees
• How much invoice they had
• The enhancements they had suggested to the model

Following Yunis’ win, the CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, said that the brand considered such awards as a demonstration of the collaboration of the employees to offer their customers with exceptional service, outstanding hospitality and extraordinary flavor.

Omar Yunes is a Mexican investor, who serves as a franchisee in the Japanese food service network, Sushi Itto. He runs at least 13 franchises located in the Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz. There are over 400 employees who work under him, and Yunes has persistently motivated them with better remuneration to ensure that the company accomplishes its goal. Due to his contribution in the food industry, Yunes has had the privilege of winning a number of awards in the annual Best Franchisee of the World competitions.

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