“One Life To Live” Launches Many Major Careers

The daytime drama has a fond history in the world of U.S. television, which has seen the soap opera launch the careers of many of the major stars of TV and movies that we love today. In the earlier years of the soap opera the line of stars who passed through the suburb of Llanview as members of the cast of “One Life To Live” has been impressive and led to the soap opera developing a reputation for being a breeding ground for those with acting talent. Major Hollywood stars who appeared in “One Life To Live” include Tommy Lee Jones and Laurence Fishburne.

A former cast member of “One Life To Live” who has begun her own journey to becoming a star on a par with those who were her predecessor’s on the show is Crystal Hunt. The former star of “Guiding Light” and “One Life To Live” has looked to develop a career that is not pigeonholed in the world of TV drama or soap operas. Crystal Hunt has looked to star i many different productions, including her last major role as Lauren in the movie “Magic Mike XXL”.

The world of acting is not the only area of interest Crystal Hunt has found in her history of roles on IMDb, instead she has looked to develop a role behind the camera as an executive producer. The movie “Talbot County” has been a labor of love for Crystal Hunt that has see her take on a different role as a producer of movies and TV shows, and Wikipedia says she has many projects in development. Alongside her career as an actress Crystal Hunt has also been developing a series of business opportunities that mark her out as a talented entrepreneur.

Crystal Hunt returned to “One Life To Live” for the final episodes of the show before its network cancellation that allowed her to bid farewell to the role of Stacy Morasco. The career opportunities she has been given by her role in “One Life To Live” may soon be offered to those who follow her into the soap opera if it can return to our screens via an Online streaming service.

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