Oren Frank Shares Why Talkspace Is So Successful

Oren Frank is proud of the way that his therapy service is working to help others. He says that there are 1 million people using the online service. And, he also shared that his company recently hired a chief medical officer to help with the online therapy sessions. The company is making a lot of money from these services, and it is helping people to talk about their feelings and share everything in a comfortable way from wherever they are, as they chat with a therapist online.

Talkspace offers people the option to do an online video chat or to simply do messaging. They get connected with a mental health professional who will listen to anything that they have to say and help them through it. The service costs just under $50 a week for the messaging service, and just under $80 for the video service. And, Oren Frank says that now that they have the chief medical officer involved in the company, they can prescribe medicine when needed. The service helps employers get their employees through the issues that they are facing. It is something new and out of the ordinary, and it is quickly gaining popularity because it is affordable and provides real help. Learn more about Oren Frank at cnbc.com

Oren Frank shares in his Twitter bio that he and his company are making therapy accessible to all. He shares that Talkspace can help those who are dealing with depression and those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on therapy. Some of the tweets that Oren Frank makes are about Talkspace, and some of them are focused on mental health in general. He also shares tweets that others have posted, and he shares positive and motivational tweets. He talks about social media and the apps that people should avoid using on his Twitter page, as well.

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