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American Addiction Centers: Remember The Truth

For a lot of addicts out there, they have a difficult time with the truth. It is not because all of them are liars, although some of them have become pretty good at lying. It is because they don’t have all of the facts and all of the information they need in order to get the help that is necessary for them to recover from the addiction they have been battling for a number of years.

One of the addictions that is out there that not many people pay attention to, but they should is AUD (alcohol use disorder). It is a major one, and it is impacting a number of families and a number of individuals.

It usually starts with the family unit. There is also mental illness tied into it as well. A lot of people are self-medicating because of what they have seen and been through in their lives. It is helping them to forget about their problems in the moment, but if the problems are not properly dealt with, they will return to the surface. Read more: American Addiction Centers Offers Insight Stages Alcohol | AliveNewsPaper  and American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor

It is truly only a matter of time before they return. When they come back this time, they will be even more difficult to overcome and conquer. The best thing anyone can do is reach out to the AAC (American Addiction Centers) and get the help they need. It is the best way to get them on the right track in their life.

The AAC, founded in 2007, knows what they are doing when it comes to addiction. They keep up-to-date on everything that is happening with addiction. They want to know what trends are happening when it comes to addiction and how severe an addiction is for someone. For some people, they are at a pretty advanced stage with their addiction. For others, they are a point in their lives where it’s only just started.

No matter where someone is with their addiction to alcohol or any other substance, the AAC is there to help them and be there for them. Sometimes that is all someone with an addiction needs to hear to get started with their recovery. They need someone that actually cares.

That is another aspect of the truth that oftentimes gets overlooked. An addict is being told a number of lies by their addiction. When those lies start to feel like truths, that is when it is a major problem for them.

The AAC is here to stay, and they are going to help the person suffering with any type of addiction remember the person they once were, and they are going to get them back to that place. They will take the ride with the addict, and they will be there with them to make it a little bit easier.

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Equities First Holdings – Stock-Based Loans For Your Success

Equities First Holdings is a global lending firm and has a team of lending professionals that assist clients in getting an affordable loan. Whether it’s a personal goal or professional goal that you’re trying to accomplish, it’s imperative to contact the team at Equities First Holdings. Established in 2002, Equities First Holdings has grown tremendously and has a good relationship with many successful companies in the financial industry.

Gustavo Martinez Is A Marketer Who Engages In Philanthropy For All Of The Right Reasons

Gustavo Martinez is a respected marketer and advertising expert who has worked with many different clients over the years. He is always thinking about what he can do to help the companies he works with and has been able to come up with many creative solutions to help move their enterprises forward. Martinez believes that the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to become more and more prominent in marketers’ lives as time moves forward. He is sure that many of his colleagues are not taking a close enough look at the benefits the IoT can offer them.


As a marketing expert who has seen it all, Gustavo Martinez recommends that entrepreneurs focus on learning from past mistakes so they know how tom move forward. When an entrepreneur chooses to nurture their skills, they can find the success they have been hoping for. Martinez knows that it is his job to listen closely to the people around him, and he has made it a point of focus to create a diverse working environment within the teams he runs so he is always learning something new from someone.


Gustavo Martinez is a humble business leader and has always given a lot of credit to the teams he has created. He carefully selects every single marketer he works with and knows he will have a competitive edge in the field because he doesn’t mind paying top dollar for talented workers. Instead of seeing the advertising professionals and marketing experts he works with as just another employee, he views them as artists who have special talents. One of his jobs is to inspire these artists and to set up a working environment that will bring out the best in them.


Gustavo Martinez has taken part in many different charitable acts throughout his career. While many entrepreneurs will use philanthropy and giving as a way of getting their name in the media, he believes this approach is completely wrong. Martinez sees anything other than helping people for the sake of helping people as an advertising effort, and he doesn’t believe entrepreneurs should engage in philanthropy to market themselves. Instead, he feels people should give because they truly want to and that philanthropy should be engaged in to simply be kind to others.


Gustavo Martinez is now working with startups and entrepreneurs through his new joint venture UV Business Acceleration. In the past, he has worked with McCann Worldgroup and Ogilvy and Mather as their president. He has also served with J. Walter Thompson Worldwide as its CEO. Before this, he served with Price Waterhouse and Henkel, and all of this experience has made him one of the top marketers in the business world today.


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Why Dr. Sam Jejurikar is Receiving Rave Reviews in Dallas

Surgeries should always be handled with care, but Dr. Jejurikar is taking extra precaution. Noted as a leading plastic surgeon, his focus has always been giving his patients the best of care. He believes that by focusing on quality of care, as well as their safety, he can reach a broader range of patients.

Dr. Jerjurikar works out of his plastic surgery office in Dallas, Texas. While serving his patients in the local community, he is also traveling abroad and speaking to groups of plastic surgeons about their procedures as well as their guidelines for safety. He is not only focused on their education, but also their training in very specific areas.

Along with his daily practice and speaking engagements, he is also giving of his time with a charitable cause known as Smile Bangladesh. This non-profit organization is designed to assist those families with surgical procedures that may be needed for facial cleft deformities and other conditions. Many families are unable to pay for these types of corrective surgeries. Bringing together many medical professionals has made it possible for Smile Bangladesh to help these families and children get services they otherwise would not be able to afford.

Dr. Jerjurikar has estimated that there are more than 300,000 families that have been impacted by conditions like cleft deformities. The number of surgeons and medical professionals available to perform these surgeries, as well as those who would be able to assist is minimal compared to the numbers you see in the United States.

One of the reasons cleft deformities impact Bangladesh so greatly is because these deformities are associated with social stigma. They are viewed in their culture as an oddity, and because they live-in poverty-stricken areas, medical care is not easily accessible.

Dr. Jerjurikar is highlighting safety as the primary concern for his patients. He is working diligently on other ways for individuals to access the best of plastic surgery around the world.

Bhanu Choudhrie is a legendary British-Indian Businessman who is originally from India but currently resides in the UK. Choudhrie is the director of the C&C Alpha Group a company that he established in the year 2002. C&C Alpha Group is a private for-profit holding company that is headquartered in London UK. The firm has a global reach and has interests in the healthcare sector, aviation industry, real estate and hospitality industry among others. Besides the firm has a consulting division that provides investment advisory services to dozens of investors around the globe. Choudhrie at the firm is the man in charge of developing the firm’s business investment strategy and helping it grow to reach new horizons. Follow Bhanu Choudhrie on his twitter account.

Bhanu Choudhrie role model in the world of business and investment is none other than the seasoned entrepreneur and US investor Warren Buffet. Choudhrie admires how Buffet despite his old age is still active in business, can make wise investment decisions and does not miss even a single day to go to work. In his own words, Choudhrie said that he would be grateful to be half the man Buffet is at his age. Choudhrie added that as he ages he has become wiser. Before he used to take more chances but now he treads carefully and makes less risky investment decisions.

The C&C Alpha group is now focusing its business interests in the Middle East according to Bhanu Choudhrie. The firm has identified a lucrative business opportunity in the aviation sector and is seeking to grow and strengthen its aviation school in the UAE. C&C Alpha Group runs an aviation school in UAE known as Alpha Aviation Academy and is based in Sharjah. The school offer training to short-haul airlines pilots and is the leading supplier of pilots to Air Arabia. The school with increased demand for airline services has exponentially grown and is currently training more than 120 pilots says Choudhrie. Also, the company to meet the rising demand for pilots established another school in the Philippines that caters for more than 500 pilots trainees.

Bhanu Choudhrie sees excellent potential in the UAE Aviation sector. According to Choudhrie UAE Aviation sector contributes up to 15 percent of UAE annual GDP. There is still demand more aircraft and aviation personnel as there are only 500 aircraft serving a client base of around 750 million passengers per year. Choudhrie to meet this growing demand intends to establish a new aviation training school in Europe.


HCR Wealth Advisors Offer People Sound Financial Advice

HCR Wealth Advisors

HCR Wealth Advisors has recently been making a point to educate clients about the importance of planning their estate when they are still healthy. People can die or become incapacitated at any time. Therefore, the clients that this company serves should consider deciding who their wealth is going to instead of having a judge do it for them. Unfortunately, many people put off this very crucial task until it is too late. Estate planning is necessary to ensure that money and property are given to the people that the clients want to receive them.

HCR Wealth Advisors can sit down with each of their clients and answer any questions they have about the entire process of writing a will, setting up a trust, probate, power of attorney or anything else that is involved with planning an estate. They want to be totally sure that their clients understand what their options are. Planning an estate can seem overwhelming if you have never done it before. This is why it is so important to consider seeking the help of experienced professionals who can work with you.

Setting up power of attorney for both financial and medical decisions is something that every person should consider doing. This also applies to people who are not wealthy. HCR Wealth Advisors stresses the importance of a power of attorney. It is needed because decisions will need to be made if a person goes into a coma or becomes mentally unable to make competent decisions. Power of attorney will put vital medical and financial decisions in the hands of someone that the person trusts completely. Without power of attorney documents being signed, the family of a person will have restrictions on the decisions they will be able to make.

HCR Wealth Advisors also works to show their clients ways that trusts can be set up so that the minimum amount of taxes need to be paid. A lawyer will need to set up a trust. However, a financial advisor can give you some useful tips.


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Unroll Me Helps Put A Stop To Unwanted Emails

When a person logs into their email account in the morning, they can find dozens of emails waiting for them that they are not interested in and that they will just have to go through and delete. It can take a lot of time for a person to make their way through all of the emails that they have received and figure out which of them they want to open and which of them are not worth their time. It can be helpful for a person to have a way of unsubscribing from those emails that they are not interested in, and Unroll Me is available so that a person can easily do that.

The one who uses Unroll Me will have the chance to log into the website of this service with their email address. Once they have done that, it will be a simple process for them to go through the email subscriptions that are coming to that email address and choose those that they would like to unsubscribe from and stop being bothered by. This service is one that works hard to make it simple for all who use it to complete the work that they would like to get done.

When a person is on the Unroll Me site, they will see a list of those newsletters that are being sent to them. They will see buttons beside each newsletter that will allow them to unsubscribe or add the newsletter to a group of those that they are interested in and would like to keep receiving. Through the Unroll Me service, a person can choose the time of day that they would like to receive those emails that they are still interested in receiving, allowing them to customize their experience and make it fit well with their life.

Max Salk Has His Own Unique Methods For Keeping His Life In

It is not a stretch to point out that humans have advanced in a technological standpoint more in that last one-hundred years than during the rest of the history of humanity. The past century has been a veritable whirlwind of constant advancement and innovation that has been culminating in recent decades. The truth is, as far as we have come, there is still much further to go. We also have to find ways to maintain balance in this rapidly changing world. Max Salk is an individual who has some great points about this topic. He is a respected businessman based out of New York City and is also notable for his work as a photographer.


Max Salk is an individual who has found ways to balance out the fast pace of modern life even while living in one of the world’s cultural hubs. One way he does this is by being discerning about the business moves that he makes and looking for opportunities that will have a positive impact not only on his business success but his life as well. Another thing that Max Salk does to find balance is to make sure he takes time out for his passions outside of work. These passions include sports and photography, among other passions. The fact is that this modern world we live in can pull us out of balance. Avoiding this pitfall is something that Max Salk is always striving to do and he finds a great deal of success in this endeavor.


Max Salk strives to keep his life in balance and being prepared is one way that he does this. Though he is a staunch advocate of preparedness, Max Salk also emphasizes the fact that successful individuals have the ability to quickly adjust when life throws a twist at them. The fact is that being prepared will tend to pay off in a number of different avenues. This is a piece of advice that Max Salk readily gives. At the same time, life is unpredictable and so being able to make fast adjustments is also a necessity to finding that all-important balance. 


Bernardo Chua Making an Impact in Society

Organo Gold Chief Executive Officer and President Bernardo Chua is a Philippian native who has worked for years in direct sales and marketing of nutritional supplements. Bernardo’s business model revolves around herbal medicine extracted from mushrooms to make healthy tea and coffee. Mr. Chua visionary ideas focused on marketing and distribution of premium tea and coffee that carries medicinal values. After Bernardo Chua graduated from college, he started working at the family garment manufacturing plant as the manager.

Mr. Chua would later venture out to become a manager at the Filipino travel agency and work hard to expand the agency throughout Southeast Asia. Later, Bernardo Chua got an opportunity to manage the sales of Gano Excel products in the Philippines. Mr. Chua was responsible for direct sale and promotion of Ganoderma-infused tea, coffee, and supplements. Bernardo determination and hard work improved Gano Excel market share in Asia. Consequently, Mr. Chua was appointed the manager of Gano Excel’s business in the Canadian branch.

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After gaining enough knowledge in marketing, management, and sales of herbal supplement, Mr. Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008. The company focused on sales and distribution of healthy coffee and tea. According to recent reports, Organo Gold is one of the fasters growing company in the delivery of herbal medicines. Bernardo

makes a significant impact on the community as his products are consumed globally.

Organo Gold improves people’s health by offering various medical benefits. Some of the benefits include boosting of the immune system as the coffee helps in fighting bacteria and viruses in the body. Organo Gold tea and coffee manage heart-related maladies by lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol level in the blood. Moreover, Organo Gold products help to prevent inflammatory disorders as it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. These products do not have a bitter test and work to give people healthy bodies.

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Genucel Brings Insight to Skin Care Routine

Skin care is something that should be made a routine, especially in summer for optimal health of the skin. After all, appearance does matter when it comes to making impressions of major events in our lives. This is why Genucel by Chamonix brings you the skincare routine you need this summer.

Why should we be cautious of the skin in summer?

It is important to be aware that UV radiation from the sun can be passed to the earth all year round. This is inclusive of cloudy days. Deterioration of the skin occurs as a result of unprotected and long hours of exposure to UV damage.

It is, therefore, crucial to put on skin protection at all times in summer to fight against the hastened skin aging process. It so happens that people remain indoors in winter and fall and go out in summer due to daylight. This increases the risks to sunburns and other skin problems.

Tips to maintain the skin at its best and avoid wrinkles:

Use of SPF daily

This means wearing sunscreen when exposing the skin to the sunlight. We expose ourselves to the sun in many ways like during beach visits, gardening periods, and in hikes among other sporting activities. Moreover, skin damage can occur during the limited time spent outdoors.

Use of antioxidants in the skincare routine

Antioxidants have an impact on the multiplication of skin cells after skin damage. This can prevent long term skin spoilage. Genucel presents this great information that combats free radicals that affect skin appearance over time. Therefore a targeted treatment is recommended.

Intake of sufficient amount of water

Based on, Scientists advice on eight glasses of water daily. This keeps the joints and the entire body supple and happy. Hydrating the body brings out a youthful glow and replenishes destroyed skin. It definitely boosts a positive look!

The active ingredients in Genucel Chamoni

The millennial generation is looking for natural ingredients in an anti-aging cream. This is why active ingredients are integral. Transparency and wellness trends contribute to the buying habits in the demographic.

Genucel plant stem cell care contains ingredients that promotes youthful look around the eyes. They may originate from the Malus Domestica plant, branded as phytoCellTec. Another blend is Eyeseryl. Additionally, other natural ingredients include green tea leaf extract,goji berry extract, and algae extract among others. it is never too late to start skin regimen. This is a product you can trust. To know better about Genucel you can visit