Philip N. Diehl’s Excellent Enterprise Radio Interview

Enterprise Radio features intriguing interviews with a host of different people from the world of business. Philip N. Diehl, the President of U.S. Money Reserve, visited the program to discuss a topic dear to his heart: gold coins. Specifically, he talked about the value of gold coins as they relate to investing. PR Newswire summarized some nice highlights from the interview. Listening to the entire interview is strongly suggested.
What makes Diehl’s interview so engaging is he does not try to make a huge sales pitch for gold. Instead, he discusses a number of reasons why gold investing is so popular. One reason is people are (wisely) worried about the policies of the Federal Reserve. Weak monetary policy could lead to currency devaluation which, in turn, means a loss of net worth. Gold acts as a hedge against weak currencies since gold is a precious metal. Ironically, gold coins produced by the U.S. Mint are legitimate currency backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.

Diehl, a former Director of the U.S. Mint, suggests gold coins make a good investment when they are backed by a government. Obviously, legitimately minted U.S. coins are not going to be deemed lacking in any claimed value. Diehl reveals imports of bars and bullion, sadly, are sometimes counterfeit. People paying thousands of dollars for these dubious assets eventually found out they are worthless. And they find out the hard way. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Diehl does note some of the interest in gold is due to buying and selling on the part of speculators. Diehl does caution about following in the steps of a trader. He feels gold is best served as an investment put away for many years. Diehl is not into trading or flipping gold for a quick profit. He feels such an approach is just a bit too risky.

Whatever the reason one chooses to invest in gold, buying from the right seller is always a good idea. U.S. Money Reserve sells a host of U.S. Mint-produced coins and this should put customers at ease. Additionally, U.S. Money Reserve puts a lot of emphasis on good customer service. Everything from the initial inquiry to the eventual shipping is done with a sharp emphasis on making sure the customer is happy. Read more: US Money Reserve TV Commercials –

Diehl notes he was one of the few Directors who really pushed customer service while at the U.S. Mint. Under his leadership, the U.S. Mint achieved an exceptional amount of distribution growth. Diehl brought his deep commitment to keeping customers happy to U.S. Money Reserve. Things are working well and customers are thrilled.

The interview is an intriguing one. Those wondering about how the gold market works definitely should give it a listen.

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