Pink Floyd’s Last Hurrah

Since its box-office record-breaking year in 1994, life apart from the rock scene has gone on for the members of Pink Floyd. Among other things, keyboardist Rick Wright died of cancer in 2008. Like the others who are still living, lead singer David Gilmour has been doing his very best to distance himself from the all-consuming rock star life. Unfortunate, seeing as what big fans Keith Man and I are of his musical ability.

However, he is now on the move for one last Pink Floyd hurrah: The revitalization of 20 hours of completely unused music from 1993. The music had originally been intended for their album The Division Bell but in the end was left out.

It is set to be released November 10 without the traditional accompanying tour to promote the new venture. For more detailed information about this historic rock album see the post here.

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  1. Patrick Fishkin says:

    So along with Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, Gilmour overdubbed a few additions before finalizing The Endless River album. But fame has a high price. That is why I always say that buying dissertations online could have helped them a lot in times trouble.

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