Purina PetCare is Moving Pet Nutrition Ahead

Purina PetCare is a top notch pet food company that is a subsidiary of Nestle. Purina sells dog food, cat food, litter, and healthy and nutritious cat and dog treats. You may be wondering what makes Purina a better food choice for your furry friend. Well, the proof is in the morsels and kibbles on Purina news!

Unlike other brand-name dog and cat foods, Purina is one of a kind. Purina pet food is inexpensive all while still providing your pup or kitty with the nutrition and vitamins they need to thrive. For other expensive brands of dog or cat food, you may be paying close to $50.00 for a 16.5 lb bag. Purina, on the other hand, offers their 16.5 lb bags of pet food for anywhere between $20.00 to $30.00. Purina is definitely a great choice if you’re on a budget but you still want to give your pet the very best.

Most high-end quality dog and cat food is made with all-natural ingredients and real meat, fish, or poultry. Purina is no exception. Purina foods are made with either poultry, fish, or meat and they are always the first ingredient. Their food is also known to be packed with both Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s. These omega fatty acids are proven to help your pets immune system. Beyond this, Purina foods are made with energy rich carbs and dozens of vitamins and minerals that can help your pet maintain a radiant coat, strong teeth, healthy joints, and a healthy heart.

Furry Friends Love It
Of course, picking a certain brand of pet food is totally dependent on whether or not your furry friend actually enjoys the taste. Purina is both dog and cat approved! Pets just cannot get enough of this brand of food. Even if you have a very picky dog or cat, you can be sure your furry friend will enjoy one of the Purina pet food lines. Purina offers multiple pet food lines for dogs, including: One, Beyond, Pro Plan, and Beneful. They also offer multiple pet food lines for cats, including: Fancy Feast, Cat Chow, Friskies, and One.

Whether you have a kitten, puppy, adult cat, or adult dog, Purina is definitely a pet food that is less costly, high-quality, and made with smart ingredients that work together to provide the best kibble or soft food for your furry best friend.

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