Rebel Wilson Is An Inspiring Person

This decade is filled with young women in the entertainment field who are breaking down barriers and showing their talents.

Rebel Wilson is one of those young women. Born in 1980, she grew up in Australia and now has a growing career in the United States of America. She has been acting ever since she was a kid back in Australia. Her mother is partly responsible for her arrival in entertainment, since her mother put her into acting classes.

Throughout her life, Rebel Wilson has had shy tendencies. This was, in fact, one of the reasons why her mother put her into acting classes. Rebel Wilson noticed these tendencies, herself, and decided to fix them. She had read somewhere that once a person arrived at the age of 14, his or her personality would be cemented in.

So, it was her goal to make her personality more outgoing before that time. She attended debate clubs to get herself further out of her shell. Of course, throughout her life, she stuck with acting an eventually went to a school after high school for it. She landed a number of jobs and eventually started a career in America.

Her weight has definitely played a huge role in her career. The truth is that in an industry like show business, appearances count and people are frequently typecasted. Rebel Wilson was immediately typecasted by everyone who saw her as a “fat girl” who looked funny. When she attempted to play a dramatic role, this really annoyed her.

After all, people would just start laughing, out of the blue, just because she was fat. However, and realizing how people looked at her, Rebel Wilson decided to make use of her appearance and work with it. So, she veered her energies more toward being a comedic actress. Read more: Cats Movies – Rebel Wilson  Casts as Jenny | Deadline

The inspiring thing about her story is that she did not try to change herself—she tried to work with what mother nature had given her, and she succeeded in doing so.

Rebel Wilson did not let herself get too hung up or insecure over being “fat,” and she didn’t go down any unhealthy roads to make people perceive her as anything different. She did not let people’s reactions keep her from pursuing acting.

There are some people in the world who would have stopped eating. There are also some people in the world who would have become bulimic in the name of getting skinny. She was not one of those sad, pathetic people. Instead, she made lemonade out of her fatness and is now a very successful actress who is well-known.

What is also inspiring is the fact that she isn’t letting traditional ideals of “what women should do” get in her way of her dreams.

She is not opposed to traditional lifestyles and things that women do, but she is not ready to do those things. She is open to doing those things, but she is not in a rush, at all, to do things that she is not ready to do.

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