Retired Gymnast Mark Holyoake Was Well Prepared For His Next Journey Following His Career In Professional Gymnastics

Mark Holyoake is a talented gymnast who enjoyed a long and celebrated career. Mark was recognized for his athletic ability and agility as a professional athlete. He realized as a young man that a career in professional sports is not timeless, so he prepared himself in a way that many other athletes do not.

Mark Holyoake set his sights on achieving great triumphs in the sports world, and he has done exactly that. Mark has set records in the world of professional gymnastics. At the 2005 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, he finished in 25th place. The next year, Mark competed in the Commonwealth Games and took 11th place. He broke the previous record when he completed 65 rotations in one minute on the pommel horse. Throughout his career and the fame and glory that accompanied it, he never lost sight of the fact that there would be many years to follow his days as a gymnast. He was capable of focusing and planning well into the future, and it has been well worth his while to have been able to balance his academic and athletic endeavors.

The maturity and forward thinking that Mark displayed has led him to continue his education and learn new skills. With the self discipline of an accomplished athlete, Mark Holyoake prepared for his life after pro sports. He earned his degree in BSc Sport and Exercise Science. He is a graduate of Auckland University. Mark retired from the sport in 2010. He has become a trainer and now helps others achieve their dreams as gymnasts.

Mark was born in 1983 in New Zealand. He participated in gymnastics in his hometown at an early age. At the age of nine, his love for the sport was evident. He quickly began to stand out for his expertise in floor routines, rings, the pommel horse, high bar, parallel bars, and the vault. As a gymnast, Mark did not limit himself to only one specialized activity. Instead, he became highly skilled in all of these challenging gymnastic feats.


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