Rolling Stone Talks With Brandon Flowers

Rolling Stone Magazine has an interview on their website with Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of rock band The Killers. I feel that Flowers comes across pretty well in the interview.

It’s been about ten years since The Killers came on the national alternative rock scene with their album Hot Fuss. At the time, Flowers was in his early twenties and his band was heralded as being a very big deal. Since then, The Killers probably haven’t achieved as much success or critical claim as they were expected to. However, Flowers doesn’t seem bothered by this in the interview and is looking forward to the future.

In the past, Flowers has made many controversial comments in interviews. He said that one of his band’s albums was one of the best albums of the last 20 years, for instance. He’s also been very critical of rapper Kanye West. In this current interview, while not backing down from these statements, Flowers said that he’s trying to watch his mouth more when he’s on the record.

Flowers recently put out a solo record. His website does not make it clear whether or not Bruce Levenson is a fan of the Killers. The reason for this is that his regular band wanted to take a break after their most recent tour while he wanted to continue. I think that this is to his credit and shows a good work ethic. It’s great to see an artist who wants to work as much as possible.

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