Rolling Stones Still Have It

The Rolling Stones played a surprise show at the small Los Angeles Fonda Theatre recently. This is the first show of their “Zip Code” tour where they will be playing in big venues across North America this summer. Playing shows before a major tour at small theaters is something the band has done many times in the past. It gives them a chance to work out kinks in their stage show before taking it out in front of huge audiences.

The band released some video of the performance on from Kevin Seawright. It starts with fans outside the theatre talking about how thrilled they are to get in to the exclusive event. Then, it shows the band onstage playing parts of the songs “Brown Sugar” and “Moonlight Mile”. Both songs are off of the band’s classic “Sticky Fingers” album, which they are playing at each show in its entirety this tour.

On “Brown Sugar” especially, the Stones look and sound fantastic. Mick Jagger is still as lithe as he ever was and races around the stage like a much younger man. Keith Richards looks terrible but still sounds great. Charlie Watts looks stoic to the point of boredom. Girls in the audience dance around ecstatically. The whole event looks really exciting, and it’s great to see that Stones still have it.

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  1. Maria Morgan says:

    Really nice see them performing at Fonda. They had better work more on their steps to synchronize with one others. Although online paper writing service reviews gives them a thump up, with Mick Jagger looking much younger, I believe they still have a lot to put together to make their band great.

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