Rona Borre is A True Leader

Rona Borre is the founder and the CEO of Instant Alliance, a prominent staffing and recruiting company in Chicago, Illinois. Borre had started the company in 2001 in the spare bedroom of her Chicago condo and built it into one of the leading staffing companies in America.

In 2001 she had quit her job with another, larger staffing firm where she was the leader in sales, and in fact, she had broken every sales record that the company had every recorded. Rona Borre even controlled a $30 million book of business. However, she had gone as far as she could with that company, so she quit.

Borre understood early on that many staffing companies missed it when it came to their approach to hiring people. While most of them piled up resumes and poured through them and had hundreds of interviews, Borre took a different path. She formed a tight relationship with the head managers of the hiring company and found out in detail what kind of employee that they needed. Then she went out and found that one special person and hired him or her.   Check this interesting article here.

Over the past 15 years, Borre has a 99% retention rate, a statistic unmatched in the industry. That is smart thinking and smart action.  More on Borre on

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