Securus Technologies, Inc.: Technological Innovativeness and Social Responsibility

Expansion of business operations usually leads to various challenges including expanded social responsibility scope, increased pressure to meet a widened customer base and legal obligations among others. The ability to overcome these challenges is vital in seamless integration into the new marketplace. Securus Technologies has set itself on a course that will see it successfully navigate these challenges by hinging its expansion strategy on a solid foundation: information. By collecting data from its varied customers, the company has transformed its operations into various product lines within the justice system. Through calculated acquisitions of up to nine start-ups, the company has expanded its services and products to include inmate healthcare monitoring using ConnectUs app, money transfer and education. Their software line also includes prison and public management software. They also manufacture important audio and visual gadgets used within the justice system for correcting and monitoring inmates and parolees and investigating cases. These new products have enabled the company to actively engage the local communities and various stakeholders in the justice system in promoting the welfare of inmates and their families. This has helped in reducing recidivism levels and improving re-entry into the society.



Securus Technologies: A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction



One of the guiding principles of the company is customer satisfaction. The expansion of products was primarily geared towards satisfy its ever-expanding customer base and the millions of families and friends of the inmates it serves. With over one million inmates under its fold, the company serves one of the largest prison populations in the country. Thousands of law enforcement agencies including those working within the justice system also rely on the company’s high-end technologies. As a testimony to its quality service delivery, Securus Technologies was awarded an A+ accreditation by Better Business Bureau (BBB) due to its excellent customer satisfaction scores.

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