Sergey Petrossov’s Vision for JetSmarter App

Based out of South Florida, Sergey Petrossov is a popular tech entrepreneur known for easing jet flight booking process by starting JetSmarter App. He is the CEO and Founder of JetSmarter. He has received several accolades including 30 Under 30 in Consumer Technology by Forbes and Top Working Professional by the Sun-Sentinel. He has been recognized for coming up with the private and shared jet services company and establishing it to become one of the largest companies in the airline sector. JetSmarter boasts more than 14,000 paid members paying up to $15,000annually for perks ranging from share seats in jets scheduled by others to scheduling flights. With prominent investors such as the Saudi Royal Family and Jay-Z, JetSmarter has grown rapidly to be valued at $1.5 billion.

Sergey Petrossov served at LiveContact, a company he founded, for several years before founding JetSmarter. He held various positions in the company including Vice President of Business Development. Apart from LiveContact, he also helped to found the Federal System of Distance Education. Sergey Petrossov served as a board advisor to a prestigious private jet operator in South Florida. The South Florida-based operator had the largest on-demand Gulfstream charter fleet in the world.

Prior to JetSmarter, the process of booking for a private jet flight was cumbersome. Sergey Petrossov experienced it first hand in 2009 when he traveled in a private jet for the first time. He realized that the booking system involved a manual booking process. He saw an opportunity for an app that could ease the booking process and the idea for JetSmarter was born. He put together an app development team composed of developers he had worked with previously. He leveraged his own capital to get the project development going. JetSmarter was developed through a series of releases and in 2013, it was launched officially for public use. Today, JetSmarter is a prominent company with an advisory team, tech team, and management team with more than 100 years of combined experience.

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