Shirley Bassey Chastizes Modern Pop Stars

Shirley Bassey has made it abundantly clear she is not a big fan of the way pop stars conduct themselves. Members of the younger generation might not be familiar with Bassey’s name, but she was a huge star back in the 1960’s. Bassey sang the title song to the James Bond classic Goldfinger in 1964. At the time, Bassey was known for being a “glamor diva” who always appeared incredibly well-dressed and elegant.

Bassey has noted that today’s pop stars, well, utterly lack class. Those are her words and they are harsh. Honestly, it is fairly difficult to argue with her assessment. Pop stars have a handy tendency to use four-letter words and present themselves in an anarchistic manner. Perhaps all of this is done to get attention. Attention they often get, but the attention is more of making a spectacle of oneself as opposed to really being an entertainment icon.

Bassey has not been seen in public much over the past few years. She prefers to be a recluse. Maybe she wants to be remembered for her glory days in the 1960’s and 1970’s and not for her later, less active years.

For whatever reason, Bassey has chosen to speak out and chastise the entertainment industry. Good for her!

What a shame more people in positions of fame did not speak out and speak out earlier. The pop world would be in a lot better shape and we would have more icons and fewer media spectacles.

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  1. Cassandra Brayden says:

    I wouldn’t agree less with what she has said because most of our pop stars today has really forgotten a great deal about our values. So much so that best essays review would hardly be able to redeem the soul of many of the artists. In the era of pop culture making the big waves, thee still remained some set of people who maintained the recourse as well.

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