Sightsavers- The Progressive Fight Against The Loss of Sight

Sight is one of the most keen natural senses. Protecting your sight can come from a myriad of tasks such as proper health and from the avoidance of sight-loss activities. Unfortunately, life has many challenges and this notion can be easier said than done. In May 2018, the people of Uganda have been able to receive free eye examinations. This program has been brought forth by numerous organizations such as Sightsavers and the Ugandan Expanding Social Protection Program. People who are over the age of 65 can directly benefit from the program while collecting their pensions. Uganda, an African nation, has always had poor programs for eye health. Thanks to the help of UK aid and the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, thousands of people have benefited eye surgeries/treatments.

With the valiant help from so many outside organizations, the Ugandan government is looking to combat many different levels of poverty starting with eye health. Receiving full-benefits can be a chore for the people in this particular area. This is why so many foreign organizations are working as one complete unit. By doing so, the recipients of this program who suffer from various disabilities can now receive a wide range of services. The idea is rather genius to some degree. “We now can handle a much broader array of disability services that were once limited,” said Stephen Kasaija, Head of the Ugandan ESP program. Sightsavers has been working in this particular area since 1954. With help from the local government, Sightsavers has been able to progressively tackle a host of eye-health issues such as blindness and trachoma.

Now is the perfect time for the people of Uganda who suffer with eye issues. There is a full-backing of support that’s in place and the success rate of these programs are very high.


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