Southridge Capital: Cryptos Taking Over

Probably most people have heard of Bitcoin and some of the more popular cryptocurrencies, however, they probably have no real understanding of them. The creator of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto, but there is almost nothing known about this person. The technology that makes Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies revolutionary is the Blockchain technology. Many people were attracted to Bitcoin because there was no regulation or government control of the currencies. Southridge Capital is a company that understands how the cryptocurrencies have been making waves in finance, as well as other industries. It is likely that anyone tuning in to a financial outlet will here some analyst talk about their favorite cryptocurrency. Although most remain ignorant about how cryptocurrencies work, most of the experts feel that cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology are here to stay.


Bitcoin started off slowly until many merchants saw the potential and began to accept it as payment. Then cryptocurrencies became a speculative asset in which the market cap of all the cryptos hit almost $300 billion. The world’s largest financial institutions realized that cryptocurrencies were a game changer and they want to start to utilize them in everyday transactions for themselves and their clients. Some companies wanted their clients to be able to speculate with Bitcoin and some of the other popular cryptos in the futures market. Southridge Capital and other companies feel that cryptocurrencies may make big waves in several industries in the years to come.


One man who feels confident in the direction of the cryptocurrency market is Stephen Hicks. He also feels that there is money to be made in the emerging cannabis sector. Mr. Hicks currently serves as the CEO of Southridge Capital and he founded the company in 1996. He previously worked in a hedge fund in New York. He has led his company into the direction of growth sectors and they have invested billions into areas he believes have high growth potential. Stephen Hicks has worked in finance for over thirty years and he says that it is experience that has drawn people to seek the advice of his company. For more details you can checkout





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